Unlock the hidden value of your waste management data with Streamlog Digital Garbage Record Book and improve your fleet compliance.

Streamline your waste management reporting with Streamlog Garbage Record Book

Discover Streamlog Garbage Record Book, the ultimate digital tool for maritime fleets that want to stay compliant and up-to-date. Our digital logbook simplifies the process of recording and managing waste disposal on ships, ensuring your environmental compliance.

The Key Functionalities of Our Garbage Record Book

Waste Tracking and Documentation

Easily track and document the disposal of waste, including the type of waste, the method of disposal, and the location. 

Real-time data collection and analysis

Collect and analyze data in real-time to gain valuable insights into your waste management processes. 

Automated Compliance Reporting

Comply with comply with MARPOL Annex V regulation and prevent pollution at sea using Streamlog Garbage Record Book. 

The Benefits of Digital Waste Management

All you information in one application, boosting your digital transformation


Increased efficiency and cost savings

Designed by seafarers for seafarers, addressing the daily challenges of their lives.


Streamlined data collection and analysis

Customized to fit different vessel types, activities, and client’ needs.


Enhanced data accessibility

Information is stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere . Developed to transmit data even with limited onboard connectivity.


Data Quality & Support

Our data security and quality standards and processes ensure data accuracy and traceability.

Get Started with Opsealog’s Garbage Record Book Today

Experience the advantages of digital waste management first-hand by starting with Opsealog’s Garbage Record Book today. Effortlessly comply with regulations and improve your operations with the power of digital technology. With Opsealog’s Garbage Record Book, the future of maritime waste management is here.

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