Maritime data integration and collection

Opsealog is a leader in maritime data integration and management. We connect your vessels to an incredible array of data sources and make sure that you can access valuable information from multiple channels all from one single interface.

Streamline your maritime fleet data integration

Opsealog specializes in maritime fleet data integration, offering access to valuable fleet data and insights in one single interface. We save you time and effort by collecting and organizing your fleet data, making it easier to make smart business decisions.

Integrate multi-source data

We integrate data from external partners including positioning, fuel monitoring systems and other sources

Enhance data collection via apps

With Opsealog reporting software and applications, clients can digitize reports and improve the data quality

Benefit from data partnership ecosystem

We have a growing ecosystem for data integration, with partnerships and new developments.

Maritime Fleet Data Partnerships


Our data integration ecosystem enables the sourcing and aggregating of data from a variety of data providers, both in-house and through external partnerships. We use APIs, software, internal applications, and other tools to make sure that our clients have access to the best data available.


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