The merge between data and maritime expertise

Opsealog provides the energy and maritime industries with data integration and analysis tools as well as expert perspective to boost their performance, optimize their operations and leave a smaller footprint on the environment.

We create digital strategies to drive your business growth and meet customer needs. We deliver experts who are multidisciplinary, adaptable, agile and capable of working collaboratively with teams, partners, and customers in an inclusive way.

Opsealog is commited to:

Leaving a smaller footprint on the environment

Being the merge of both data and maritime expertise, Opsealog team has innovators, creative thinkers and maritime enthusiasts dedicated to building the most advanced technology to help the world’s leading maritime and energy companies in reducing their costs, risks as well as their environmental impacts.

Ensuring safe, secure and efficient operations

Opsealog pioneers the performance management of the energy and maritime sectors by providing a unique approach to data management. In addition, we deliver world-class operational software and solutions focused on our customers’ safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Guiding companies in the maritime digital revolution

Our objective is to revolutionize the way energy and maritime companies use data so that we can ensure a sustainable, balanced and secure future for generations to come. Therefore, Opsealog becomes a digital transformation booster.

Our values


We are a team of world-class experts from various fields, each of us bringing rich knowledge in our respective sector.


We help our clients thrive through ongoing collaboration and by keeping the dialogue open at all times. We care deeply about our clients and their success.


We aim to guide larger companies on how to adapt to a changing landscape. We provide our clients with new processes to stay on top of their game.


We are driven by the urge to make things a bit more perfect. Constantly challenging the status quo, we restlessly aim to add value in everything we touch.


We are dedicated to promoting a better use of resources. Our expertise leads us to believe that what’s good for the planet can also be good for our client’s growth.

Our awards

Innovation of the year award

Offshore Support Journal conference 2020

Most promising company in the Middle East

Business France in ADIPEC 2019

Most promising company in the Middle East

Business France in ADIPEC 2019

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