Frequently Asked Questions

What does Opsealog specialize in?

Opsealog offers maritime digitalization and fleet performance management solutions coupled with consulting services with the objective of helping clients in their digital transformation, optimizing fleet operations, and minimizing environmental impacts of ships.

Who are Opsealog's primary clients and their main activities?

Our main clients are Shipowners and charterers, especially within the Energy and Maritime industries, including Marine Offshore, Shipping, Cruise and Port Services.

What is Marinsights and how can it benefit my operations?

Marinsights is a performance management application that combines shipboard data from multiple sources in one single interface, providing fleet monitoring and optimization insights that streamline operations and enhance decision-making.

How does Streamlog simplify onboard reporting for vessels?

Streamlog offers a digital logbook system for vessels, streamlining data entry and ensuring consistent reporting even with limited connectivity. Furthermore, it’s tailored to fit various vessel types and client needs.

What kind of consulting services does Opsealog offer?

We provide expert marine and data consultancy, collaborating with our customers to identify areas for improvement and devising tailored data solutions that address their specific needs.

How does Opsealog differentiate from other providers?

Our strength lies in the unique blend of maritime digitalization, performance management, and personalized consulting services, ensuring tailored, effective solutions for our clients.

Do I need to install any hardware onboard to use Opsealog's services?

No, all of Opsealog’s services are remotely managed, eliminating the need for onboard hardware installations.

What is the difference between Opsealog's services and Electronic Fuel Monitoring Systems (EFMS)?

EFMS is just one of the data sources Opsealog can integrate. While EFMS focuses solely on fuel monitoring, Opsealog provides a comprehensive analysis using various data sources, ensuring a holistic understanding of ship performance.

How does Opsealog's approach to maritime digitalization differ from other solutions in the market?

We prioritize combining data analytics with hands-on consulting, ensuring not just data collection but actionable insights for our clients.

Can Opsealog help in improving fleet utilization? How?

Absolutely! Through our advanced data analytics, insights and consulting services, we help clients in maximizing fleet utilization, ensuring efficient resource allocation and improved performance. 

How does Opsealog contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of ships?

Opsealog enables clients to monitor, measure and minimize emissions. Our analytics pinpoint inefficiencies and areas of improvement, providing actionable insights to reduce emissions and aid in achieving environmental goals. 

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