Vessel Decarbonization Solutions

When it comes to the maritime industry, we know one thing for sure: vessel decarbonization is more important than ever to decarbonize operations. And that’s why we exist.

We’re here to help you make your operations more sustainable, using data analytics to help you take the next step in your journey toward carbon neutrality.

Leverage information to ensure ship decarbonization

We understand the need of the sector in leveraging information to better address environmental challenges, and we offer digital solutions and consulting services that meet those needs.

Report and minimize emissions

Reduce your environmental impact with digitalization and performance management.

Easily generate automated reports

Digitize your fleet reporting and benefit from data collected to generate regional and international environmental reports.

Comply with EU MRV, IMO DCS and CII

Calculate your maritime fleet’s EU MRV, IMO DCS, and CII, and prepare yourself for the future regulations.

Accelerate vessel decarbonization with digitalization

Opsealog helps lead the way by decarbonizing maritime operations and simplifying environmental compliance.

What is maritime decarbonization?


Decarbonization involves the adoption of low-carbon power and fuel sources to achieve a lower output of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It’s no secret that this is an important part of our future, so we’re taking it seriously. 

The maritime industry has a foundational role in global trade and supply chains. As the world becomes increasingly aware of its carbon footprint, technology plays a crucial role in the transtition. 



How can you use digitalization to accelerate vessel decarbonization?


Technology has enabled us to build ships that can travel farther than ever before, but this also means that we must ensure that these ships have minimal impact on our environment.

To do so, we need to understand the impacts of our fleets and design a route towards decarbonization. And this requires information.

Redefining maritime vessel decarbonization


Data integration and analysis plays an important role in decarbonization and in any efficiency actions put in place in the maritime or any other sector.

In the shipping sector, data will enable companies to implement more sustainable actions by promoting a continuous improvement approach that is based on four main areas: knowledge, data analytics,  performance measuring and change management.

vessel decarbonization

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