Maritime Fleet Performance

Optimize your fleet’s performance with Opsealog web-based fleet management software that offers simplicity, control and insights for you to benchmark, manage and improve your maritime fleet’s performance.

Maritime Data Analytics helps you improve Fleet Efficiency

We help our customers improve fleet performance. We provide them with data analytics, strategic advice, data visualization that allow them to focus on the things that matter

Assess fleet operational profile

Understand how your ships are used to identify opportunities for improvement

Improve ship productivity

Optimize your fleet by focusing on the best actions for your situation, saving time and money

Benchmark vessel behaviors

Vessel data history enables you to assess which vessels are performing best, based on industry baseline criteria

Maritime software solutions can only do so much.


A one-size-fits-all approach is not applicable to the maritime industry. Your company’s fleet shouldn’t run on maritime software alone.

It takes the careful planning of an expert team—like ours—to tailor a strategy to your company’s individual needs, and then to implement it within your organization.

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Opsealog is a company specializing in Digitalization and Performance Management Solutions for the Maritime and Energy sectors. Choosing us is more than just choosing a product, it's ensuring you have a full support team behind you.

Report activities and improve data quality

Manage your fleet, save money and decarbonize activities
Enhance your fleet performance with the help of our experts