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Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and error-prone data entry with our ship digital logbook and software Streamlog.

Report once, and only once


Streamlog is a digital logbook solution and reporting software specifically designed for marine use, made by mariners. It contains multiple modules adapted for various maritime fields, that address the key subjects of ships reporting and activity monitoring.

It records maritime specific information, with additional pages for specialized recording of crew info, cargo data, weather, flag states and much more information required by international authorities

Streamline fleet reporting

Reduce the administrative burden associated with paperwork and simplify daily reporting for onboard personnel

Assess vessel performance

Benefit from your fleet data to generate value by analysing vessels’ performance

Easy remote installation

Our ship digital logbook is easily deployable anywhere in the world, 100% remotely

Automatic reports and data sharing

Generate automatic noon reports and ensure safe data sharing across your organization

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Our vessel reporting modules

Daily report

Timesheet activities

Remaining on board

Person on board

Running hours

Technical info

Digitize and Centralize your maritime fleet data

All you information in one application, boosting your digital transformation


Ergonomic Interface

Designed by seafarers for seafarers, addressing the daily challenges of their lives.

Adapted Modules

Customized to fit different vessel types, activities, and client’ needs.

Total Connectivity

Developed to transmit data regardless of the levels of onboard connectivity.

Data Quality & Support

Our data security and quality standards and processes ensure data accuracy and traceability.

How can ou ship digital logbook do for you?

Reports digitalization

Forget about entering your data in multiple documents. Everything is centralized in our application which provides your reports
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Record and activity management

A dedicated module makes it possible to declare the various activities and events of the day, respecting a reference system specific to the type of ship and the sector of activity.

Fleet performance analytics

We capture data for each vessel. We can thus aggregate them in order to provide an appropriate view of the entire fleet. The people in charge have all the keys at their fingertips.
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