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What are the main differences between the EU-MRV and the IMO-DCS

The EU MRV requires data on CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and transport work, while the IMO DCS requires data on fuel oil consumption, distance travelled and hours underway.

What is EU MRV and IMO DCS stand for?

EU-MRV stands for Monitoring Reporting and Verification and IMO-DCS stands for Data Collection System. They are both regulatory requirements related to shipping emission.

Do I need certified reports?

Certified reports aren’t mandatory but highly recommended. The benefit of an certified report like the ones proposed by Opsealog is to provide assurance to customers and third parties that the system strictly complies with the relevant legal requirements

Why is it important to comply with the EU-MRV and IMO-DCS regulations ?

To become and to stay compliant with this new indicator is important to :

  • avoid fines and insure access to international harbors to your ship
  • contribute to shipping greenhouse emissions reduction and maritime decarbonation
Who is responsible for the EU-MRV and IMO-DCS compliance?

The ship operator is responsible for the compliance in regards to EU-MRV and IMO-DCS.

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