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Maritime Fleet Performance

Optimize your fleet’s performance with Opsealog web-based fleet management software that offers simplicity, control and insight for you to benchmark, manage and improve your maritime fleet’s performance.
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Marine Electronic Logbook

Reporting online of your fleet, securing your data collection and exploiting them to your advantage.

Marine Data Analytics

Benefit from algorithms specifically designed for addressing the challenges of maritime activities and adapted to the reality of marine operations.

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Vessel Decarbonization

Apply best practices to reduce gas emissions and align your activities with industry standards.

Environmental compliance

Use digitalization and automation to make your environmental compliance measures easier and more efficient.
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Maritime data integration and collection

Opsealog is a leader in maritime data integration and management. We connect your vessels to an incredible array of data sources and make sure that you can access valuable information from multiple channels all from one single interface.

Maritime Digitalization

Make the most out of your data by digitizing your activities. Your maritime business is only as strong as the data you have to support it.
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