What is EU-MRV & IMO-DCS?

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Mastering Maritime Emission Reports with Opsealog’s Solutions  

In the challenging waters of maritime emission regulations, Opsealog stands out with its innovative Streamlog software. Specifically designed to address the intricacies of onboard reporting and certified by Verifavia Shipping, it effectively adresses the EU-MRV and IMO-DCS regulations. Streamlog is more than just a software—it’s a revolution in onbaord reporting. 

    How Opsealog can help with EU-MRV and IMO-DCS reporting?

    Through its advanced Streamlog software, Opsealog provides comprehensive environmental reporting solutions tailored for shipowners. With effortless deployment onboard your fleet, generating EU-MRV and IMO-DCS reports becomes a breeze. But that’s not all. Dive deep with our analytics tools, granting you a clear perspective on emission trends and empowering you to sail towards a greener horizon.


    Comply with MRV and DCS with Opsealog

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