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MRV & DCS Regulation: Creating Opportunity From Obligation

By now, shipowners should have met their 2021 reporting requirements for the EU’s MRV and the IMO’s DCS regulations, but the story does not end there. Meeting MRV DCS Regulation obligations has generated key business intelligence that can be turned into opportunities...

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Data is a vital asset in the post-pandemic world

2021 has enshrined uncertainty as the new normal for offshore and shipping companies. Further waves of COVID-19 have once again tested their resilience to the limit, while growing demands for climate action have increased pressure to decarbonize. To survive and thrive...

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How data can drive decision-making in the maritime?

Image: JT Jeeraphun Opsealog Founder and Managing Director, Arnaud Dianoux, recently spoke at the Offshore Support Journal conference on the value of the data mindset in today’s marine and offshore sectors, and how this can be leveraged – in combination with maritime...

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Opsealog joins French Business Climate Pledge

Maritime climate action Opsealog joins the French Business Climate Pledge for promoting maritime climate action based on data Maritime climate action: Opsealog joins the French Business Climate Pledge announcing its goals of using marine data analytics to reduce...

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