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Marinsights is a decision-making service that helps Energy Operators monitor and optimize Marine Offshore operations. By combining data integration, processing, visualization, and expert analysis in one single offer, Marinsights enables clients to optimize their resources and generate tangible savings in the following topics: Environmental Impact, Fuel Efficiency, Fleet Utilization, and Cost Control.

Use cases


Monitor and minimize CO2, NOx, and SOx emissions. Follow Marpol’s key topics including Waste Management and Fresh Water Production


Follow and reduce fuel consumption across your fleet. Control fuel movements and ensure fuel integrity


Monitor operations and optimize fleet utilization by assessing the operational profile of your fleet. Control and plan deck cargo, liquid and dry bulk operations


Take advantage of data available to verify operators’ invoices, port fees expenditure and easily allocate costs between vessels and installations

How does
it work?

Firstly, we collect and integrate data from multiple sources and suppliers such as EFMS, weather forecast, AIS, and onboard reporting tools, including Opsealog’s Streamlog or other software available.

Data is then processed by tailored algorithms that answer to your specific operational challenges

Data is translated into actionable information, and results are measured and shared through a web portal and discussed during periodic efficiency meetings

Our team of Marine experts give direct support to logistics
teams to boost performance enhancing initiatives and
promote innovation

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Why choose

Marinsights is a turn-key solution that supports and empowers Logistics teams in making informed decisions about their operations.

  • Generate tangible savings by promoting better use of resources

  • It is easy to implement and 100% remote, not requiring any hardware, representing a minimum investment

  • Go beyond monitoring and use your operational data strategically, benefiting from a 360-degree vision of your operations

  • Reduce operational risks by securing logistics flows and monitoring planning across the fleet

  • Create value with data already available, building your own data hub

  • Take a step forward into your digital transformation, standardizing processes and digitizing reporting in all levels

Efficiency in every step of the way


Our expertise and technical capabilities enable us to assist customers in choosing the best assets during the Tender Phase based on operational data and our in-house Fuel Estimation Models. We accompany customers in defining the technical specifications, finding the suiting vessel designs and vessel operators.


With Marinsights, clients can digitize and centralize their operational data, Standardization of processes and real-time data access facilitates decision-making and planning. With Marinesights, they can monitor cargo and bulk operations.


Marinsights collects and integrates data from multiple sources, providing one single interface for data access. Through the Marinsights Web Portal, customers can track the operations and assess the performance of their fleets through KPIs, dashboards, real-time positioning, live notifications, and access reports.


Our marine consultants give clients an expert outlook on the operational landscape of the fleet, highlighting areas of improvement. They give recommendations and our algorithms measure the success of best-practice implementation.

The power
of data management

Thanks to our technical capabilities and partnership building, we can connect to multiple data providers in the industry, being adaptable to the data ecosystem present in your organization. Our data-driven approach and flexibility make us a digital transformation booster.