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A universe of information and data for generating efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing impacts and risks while promoting decision-making.

A partnership-centric approach: Opsealog is an outsourced super-power that evolves alongside the strategic and operational teams of its customers.

100% connected and secure solutions combined with industry expertise. Opsealog becomes a reliable and essential decision-making resource.


is to provide the energy and maritime industries with data integration and analysis tools as well as expert perspective to boost their performance, optimize their operations and leave a smaller footprint on the environment.


is to revolutionize the performance management of the energy and maritime markets to generate efficiency in large-scale and preserve natural resources.


We are a team of world-class experts from various fields, each of us bringing rich knowledge in our respective sector.

We help our clients thrive through ongoing collaboration and by keeping the dialogue open at all times. We care deeply about our clients and their success.

We are driven by the urge to make things a bit more perfect. Constantly challenging the status quo, we restlessly aim to add value in everything we touch.

We aim to guide larger companies on how to adapt to a changing landscape. We provide our clients with new processes to stay on top of their game.

We are dedicated to promoting a better use of resources. Our expertise leads us to believe that what’s good for the planet can also be good for our client’s growth.

as a service

Efficiency as a Service is a unique concept that combines data integration, performance management and expert analysis. This concept gives clients a 360-degree vision on the data they receive and access to expert input on how to transform data into tangible actions.

The concept is 100% remote and does not require any hardware. Our data and field expertise combined with our partnership-centric approach enable us to deliver tangible and sustainable results in multiple use-cases and sectors.

With a result-oriented culture, we are ready to take on the challenge and make sure clients reach tangible results.


Innovation of the year award 
Offshore Support Journal
conference 2020

Most promising company in the Middle East
Business France in ADIPEC 2019

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